Help Us Get A New Zero Turn Mower

Baptist Park is in need of some additional funds to complete the purchase of a new zero turn lawn mower. This commercial grade lawn mower will come with a four year warranty.    As many of you know, there is a lot of lawn to mow, and the acreage dictates the need of a commercial grade machine, whose mechanical parts will be able to withstand the many hours that the machine will be in operation.  It takes two mowing machines to complete the cutting each week.

Can you help with a donation to make it possible to complete the purchase? If you are able, please send a check to the park and designate it, “The Lawn Mower or the Next Need” or click on the donate button below. This will allow Baptist Park to use the money for the mower first and any extra to another need. The balance needed to complete the mower purchase is about $2800.

Many thanks to Mike and Sons for their assistance in selling our Belarus tractor, which needed more maintenance than our trustees could justify, and for working with us on the financial aspect of the purchase.