Theater and Digital Arts Camp

July 2-9, 2017
Ages 12-18

This year we will again have Theater Week running simultaneously with Digital Arts Camp.  Maureen Seavey of Windham Christian Academy will return for her third summer as the director of Theater Camp, and long time BP friends, Josh and Melanie Duncan, will lead Digital Arts Camp.  The week’s focus will the Parables of Luke 15 —- the parables of the lost coin, the lost sheep, and the prodigal son.  Campers will perform their play at the closing service on Friday afternoon as well as at a local nursing home.  The speaker for our evening services will be Pastor Will Kindred of the North Baldwin Baptist Church.  This will be Pastor Kindred’s first time at Baptist Park, but he is a popular speaker for both youth and adults in the southern part of the state.  Campers will also enjoy opportunities to swim, use the zip line, play team sports, and do crafts.

Cost:  $225
Registration recommended by June 22, 2017.