Summer Conference

Preaching in a Post Covid (almost) World
A conference for preachers and anyone interested in effectively communicating God’s Word

 Registration Cost:  $35 includes continental breakfast, coffee break, full course dinner prepared by the Baptist Park cooks.  Register using the form below.

July 14, 2021

Rev. Al Fletcher

Our Conference Speakers

Rev. Steve Straubel

Session One

Rev. Dr. Alfred Fletcher, Regional Resource Minister of the American Baptist Churches of Maine will speak on the keynote topic “Preaching in a Post Covid (almost) World.”  Dr. Fletcher will address the unique challenges facing preachers as we come out of the recent pandemic.  Some topics he will touch on include:  the challenge of including your online congregation in worship and church life; living with extreme political polarization within the congregation; addressing current “hot button” topics in sermons; what does evangelism look like in the early 21st century America?  

Session Two

Rev. Steve Straubel, pastor of United Baptist Church, Littleton, ME, will address the topic “Only You Can Preach that Sermon”—making good use of your unique personality when preaching.

Session Three

Rev. Dr. Fletcher will speak on the topic of “The Sermon Illustration.”  Sermon illustrations allow you to take your sermon to the next level.  Instead of just telling people the truth of God’s word, show them . . . because a good sermon illustration engages someone’s senses and emotions in ways that eloquent prose can’t.

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