July 15, 2020

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This apologetics conference is to encourage believers to intelligently share the Christian faith and wisely respond to questions. Baptist Park is excited to have Ryan Goding as our presenter. Ryan is on the board of directors for AIIA, which is the major apologetics organization in Maine. During one session, Ryan will introduce a new initiative of AIIA- Anchor New England. This is an effort to produce apologetics – related media in order to more effectively communicate historic Christian truth to younger generations. The conference will be held from 8:30 – 4:30, and it is open to pastors, clergy, laypeople, and teens. Lunch will be provided. The cost of the conference is $25, and we ask that you mail a deposit of $5 to Baptist Park, PO Box 498, Mapleton, Maine 04757 by July 1. Additional registration information, housing options, and further information will be available soon. Please contact Ken Phelps at 207-540-5660 with any questions.

Ryan and Kylie Goding, Board of Director Members of the AIIA. AIIA specializes in promoting and practicing effective apologetics in New England and beyond. Their mission is to present an intellectually credible and persuasive case for historic Christian faith, to assist the Church in doing the same, and to promote understanding and goodwill between Christians and those espousing non-Christian worldviews.