Terms & Conditions:

1.    At no time is flight instruction being offered or given, but campers are encouraged to pursue flight training after camp is over.

2.    Campers may follow along on the controls, but the pilot will remain in control of the aircraft at all times.

3.    Safe attitudes and actions are stressed in all activities, in and out of the aircraft.

4.    Campers are not being charged for flight time. The camper fee for this unique experience is all-inclusive, and reflects only a small shared aircraft operation expense, due to the generosity of our donors and the aircraft owner who underwrite most of the cost. These partners and our qualified volunteer pilots enable us to offer this program to you very inexpensively.

5.    Age – strictly ages 14-18 years old

·      We do not accept anyone under age 14 for any circumstances

·      19-year-olds interested in attending should contact Baptist Park at thebaptistparkflightcamp@gmail.com to request an age waiver. In your request, tell us why you want to attend Flight Camp and what you hope to gain from this experience.

6.    Attention span and maturity are two primary considerations for a family to consider prior to registration. This is not your typical summer youth camp. It requires that the young person can concentrate on unfamiliar material and understand a wide range of topics relating to aviation and missions. The aviation material is basic, but safety of operations in and around aircraft requires mature thinking, attention and responsiveness. The missions and bible topics taught require a teachable attitude. In short, it will provide them with an exciting challenge. Younger, or less mature campers tend to day-dream and their attention is a must if this is to be a benefit to them.

7.    Physical stature: A height of at least 5′ – 3″ will enable a camper to reach the rudder pedals of the aircraft and still be able to see over the instrument panel simultaneously while at the controls in flight. The time in the airplane will prove to be a great frustration to them if these are not achievable.

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