Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Though we are owned and operated by Baptist churches, anyone is welcome to be a camper at Baptist Park. Our goal is to provide enjoyable activities and sound, age-appropriate Bible teaching to all campers. We know we can’t make anyone believe what we believe about Jesus, and we don’t force campers to believe what we believe. However, campers will attend Bible sessions as part of their daily activities and are given the opportunity to trust Christ. 

Pre-registration is the only way to guarantee your child’s place at Baptist Park and allows us to be best prepared for campers. Other benefits of pre-registration are: receive cabin assignments before walk ins; speed check in by having health form and other registration documents completed before arriving; speed check in by having a Haystack Candy Shack account set up. 

There is a $50 pre-registration fee for all camps/retreats ($100 for flight camp) longer than one day. The pre-registration fee is not refundable or transferable. For the one-day camps, the full amount is due when you register.

For you to receive the benefits of pre-registrations, your pre-registration must be postmarked by the date listed in each camp’s description. 

We’ll put you on our waiting list. If an opening doesn’t occur by the beginning of your chosen camp, we’ll refund your pre-registration fee. 

Check-in is 3:00-4:30pm Sunday (for camps that start on Sunday. For camps that begin on a day other than Sunday, the registration/check in time is listed with the description of that camp. 

Baptist Park has limited financial assistance available for those with a genuine financial need. Contact Baptist Park for more details. Also, many of the churches that own an operate Baptist Park provide financial assistance for some campers. Contact your local American Baptist Church for details about assistance they may have. Also, government and other child care agencies sometimes have money for their clients to attend camp. The bottom line is: Don’t let money keep your child from Baptist Park. Various sources of assistance are available. If you have a genuine need, give us a call or send us an email.

Phone calls and visits often stir up homesickness in some campers. Therefore, they are discouraged. We do encourage you to email your camper as many times as you want during the week. We’ll print off the email and give it to your child as soon as possible. Send email to: with the camper’s name as the subject line. Also, regular mail (both incoming and outgoing) is delivered on a daily basis. 

First, calling home tends to trigger homesickness. Second, cell phones are a distraction to campers. Most importantly, camera phones have been used to take inappropriate pictures of others (e.g. in various states of undress). Although this hasn’t happened at Baptist Park, we’re working hard to keep it from happening here. Therefore, campers may not have cell phones. If it’s discovered that a camper has a cell phone, the phone will be confiscated and returned at check out. This is true for other items on our “don’t bring” list. 

Week long camps end following supper on Friday. Checking out with designated Baptist Park staff begins after supper. All campers should be off campus by 6:00pm. Pick up time for other camps/retreats is listed in that camp’s description. 

Yes. Parents are invited to attend the final worship service at 4:00pm and cook out supper at 5:00pm. If you choose to attend supper with your camper, please notify the kitchen staff no later than Thursday how many people will be in your party (not including your camper). A $6 per person donation for the meal is encouraged. 

We take very seriously our responsibility to keep every camper safe. We follow all State guidelines for campers and consistently receive high marks in State inspections. We perform background checks on our staff. We continually perform maintenance on our buildings and ground in order to keep them both attractive and safe. Our staff receives specialized training in the various activities campers will enjoy. Our staff is expected to show the love of Christ in how they treat campers. We do not tolerate bullying or other abusive behavior. We have a medical supervisor on campus, on call 24 hours a day. We limit guests on campus and monitor their purpose on campus. We required prior identification of the person who will pick up a camper, and we require campers to check out with designated staff person at the Welcome Center in the Dining Hall. Guests visiting on campus must register in and out at the Welcome Center in the Dining Hall and obtain a badge as they visit the Park. These are some steps we take to ensure every camper’s safety. 

Campers attend daily worship and Bible times. At other times they participate in a variety of activities we call Awesome Hours. Not all activities are offered at every camp. Activities offered vary by campers’ age and each camp’s focus. The following activities are available at Baptist Park: zip line, Wild Woozy, Mohawk Walk, nitro crossing, challenge wall, bouldering wall, mini golf, archery, canoeing, hiking, basketball, soccer, volley ball, crafts, games, swimming, orienteering, etc. 

Sorry. Part of keeping campers safe is keeping them together with roughly the same age camper. Only campers with a birthday during a week of camp may choose which camp to attend. For example, a 13 year old turns 14 during a week of camp. That camper’s parents may choose whether they want their child to be on of the oldest campers in one week of camp or one of the youngest campers in another week of camp. 

For both Puddle Jump camp and Growing Up Adventure camp, if your child turns the minimum age within 30 days following the camp, he/she can attend. This is for day camps only. 

The Haystack Candy Shack is our camp store, where you can buy snacks, drinks, and sometimes small souvenirs. It’s open daily at designated times. Camper purchases are on a debit system. Campers deposit a maximum of $15 per week. Each camper’s purchases are debited from his/her account. At the end of the week, any remaining balance can be donated to Baptist Park or refunded. 

Campers will receive a 50% discount if they bring three first time campers to Baptist Park. Campers will receive a 75% discount for brining five first time campers to Baptist Park. Camper friends must attend the same camp week as their referring friend. 

Campers registered for a second week long camp receive a $45 discount on the second week of camp. Campers must meet the age requirements for each camp. Flight camp and day camps are NOT included. 

Staff members are not trained in handling special needs campers. Our rule of thumb: If the camper has a one-on-one assistant at school, we request that you provide a one-on-one assistant to attend with your child at camp 24 hours a day. Should your camper required an aide, please contact Baptist Park prior to registration to discuss the details of this arrangement. Baptist Park reserves the right to require a one-on-one aide or send a camper home, if we encounter unexpected needs during the course of the camp session. 

The actual cost for a camper to come to camp in 2018 was approximately $684. Our non-profit organization greatly depends on donations by the churches and supporting individuals. Our goal is to keep costs down, so campers and staff can continue to learn more about our amazing Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and enjoy the fun at Baptist Park. A donation is NOT required but greatly appreciated and welcomed. If the Lord has blessed you financially and you feel led to bless us with a donation gift, that is one opportunity to do so. 

Bible (if you have one)


Shampoo and soap

Toothbrush and toothpaste

Modest one piece bathing suit


Sunscreen & bug repellant

Sleeping bag or bedding (must be sleeping bag if tenting) and pillow

Clothing for hot, cool, rainy, and messy weather

Appropriate footwear (at least 1 pair of sturdy sneakers)

Garbage bag or other container for dirty clothes

Optionally Could Bring:


Musical instrument

Bike helmet

Costume items related to camp theme

Sports equipment if wanted

Stationary and stamps

Prescribed medications in its original packaging

Matches & lighters

Laser pointer


Bad attitude

Immodest clothing

Inappropriate reading material

Cigarettes, alcohol & non-prescription drugs

Cell phone; Pager; Electronic games, iPod, MP3,CD/radio/DVD/TV players;

Trading cards (Pokemon, DeGeDar, Magic, etc.)

Knives or weapons of any kind

Snack foods (plenty of snacks in dining hall and the Haystack Candy Shack)

Clothing with unchristian messages or images

Money or valuables (other than what is on deposit at the store)


Yes. The Haystack Candy Shack is our camp store which sells snacks, drinks, clothing, and sometimes small souvenirs. It’s open daily at designated times. Campers must deposit their money with the registration staff at check-in. Campers can deposit a maximum of $15 per week. Each camper’s purchases are debited from his/her account. At the end of the week, any remaining balance can be donated to Baptist Park or refunded to the camper.