Join Us For 2021

Flight Camp is your opportunity to learn about all aspects of aviation, on the ground and in the air.  It’s also an opportunity to grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ and consider how you can live your life for Him. 

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Dates: July 04-July 09

Ages: 14-18

Costs: $495 (Maximum of 12 campers) 

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Aviation In General

Campers will be introduced to aviation in general as they explore questions like:  How does an airplane fly?  What keeps it in the air?  How do pilots control an airplane?  How does weather influence flight?  How do pilots communicate with other pilots and people on the ground?  How does someone become a pilot?  What jobs are there in aviation?  And more! 

Actual Flight Experience

Flight camp offers an unforgettable introductory flight experience.  A licensed, qualified pilot will lead campers through pre-flight preparations and then give them actual flight experience (weather permitting) in an airplane.  There’s nothing like seeing the world from the air, and you’ll have a front seat view at Flight Camp.  

Mission Aviation

Campers will learn how aviation is used to help missionaries serve others and spread the gospel.  Along the way, campers will be asked to consider if God is calling them to serve Him as a pilot or in another technical missions field.  


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