Baptist Park’s swimming pool and its housing have far exceeded their life expectancy.  The swimming pool has been seriously leaking water for many years, and the concrete bottom severely chips after little use.  In recent year, the staff puts in great effort to repair it, so it can limp along for another season.  The Board of Directors presented to the Corporation that we install a vinyl liner over a foam bottom, replace the existing pipes, and skimmer baskets.  The materials for this project will cost approximately $9,000 with most of the labor donated.  Annual savings will be realized by using less fuel (wood and oil), fewer chemicals used, along with the cost of surface repair materials and paint.  There will also be less wear and tear on the vacuum system.  Much research has been done, and we are hoping that this liner will take us through the next decade.

In 2019, we replaced the sills on the west wall.  We took out the old full wall windows, and replaced the windows and rebuilt the west wall.  The interior wall was painted and the windows were trimmed out.  The exterior has house wrap on it for now, and we are raising funds to install metal siding on the exterior.  We are outsourcing the installation due to the cutting around the windows.  The cost of the west and north wall projects will be $2700, including labor and materials.

Can you help with a donation to make it possible to continue with this capital improvement? If you are able, please send a check to the park and designate it, “Pool” or click on the donate button below. This will allow Baptist Park to use the money for pool first and any extra for another need. The balance needed to complete these major repairs is about $13,000.